Our Partners

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

dedicates its energy and resources to providing support to small businesses and small-business owners across the nation.

Associated General Contractors of Minnesota (AGC)

is a non-profit professional trade association that is dedicated to promoting opportunity and excellence in the building and highway construction industry throughout the State of Minnesota. Members include General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, and Affiliated businesses that have a vested interest in these industries. AGC operates as a centralized point of focus for information dissemination, education and training, and for leadership on important industry related issues.

Bremer Bank

is a financial institution in which NACS has formed a strategic alliance to help strengthen the Funds Control/Escrow marketplace. This relationship provides the Surety industry with a strong Funds Control/Escrow product by having two companies with experience and financial capacity working together.

Beacon Financial

was established in December of 2000 and operates as a nationwide leasing company for all types of equipment from office to construction. Beacon is also recognized by the Federal Government in the CCR Registry.

CCI Surety, Inc

represents A rated and Treasury Listed Companies and has single bond capacity up to $50 million to handle the larger accounts as well as the day-to-day routine accounts. CCI can also handle all of your smaller or miscellaneous bond needs.